Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

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Essential oils refer to the oils used in aromatherapy. And in the interest of those who prefer we start from the beginning, aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that targets improvements in a patient’s cognitive powers, moods as well as ensuring their overall physical, physiological and psychological well-being.

There are hundreds of essential oils used for this therapeutic treatment and among them, Lavender oil has gained widespread popularity for its effectiveness in achieving the desired results. So, what is it about lavender that makes it your go-to essential oil? Read on to discover some of its main benefits.

Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Management Of Acne - Acne used to be exclusively associated with teens in their puberty stage but as time passes by, dermatologists have proven adults are not so safe either. Acne affects our self-esteem and those that have skins riddled with these not-so-pleasant spots usually have lots of internal image and esteem battles to contend with. Lavender oil is known to help treat acne by inhibiting the bacteria associated with the development of acne spots around the sebum glands. Additionally, lavender has certain hormonal manipulation effects, that enables it regulate any possible over-excretion of sebum. It is also known to reduce scarring even after the acne spots begin to heal.

Pain Relief – Lavender oil is a major analgesic oil, known to help remedy pains associated with tense muscles and muscular aches as well as backache, lumbago, sprains and rheumatism. Other studies have even suggested that when the oil vapor is combined with oxygen, there is significant reduction of joint pains among patients.

Relieving Stress And Anxiety - The calming scent emitted by this essential oil acts as a great tonic for stress and anxiety-related issues. When applied, lavender oil produces relaxing effects, thereby reducing fatigue and restlessness while at the same time boosting mental activity. As a result, common side effects of stress such as depression, nervous tension and migraines are kept in check.

Further studies on the effectiveness of the oil in managing stress revealed that the oil has favorable effects on our autonomic nervous-system, a fact that explains why it’s preferred for the treatment of sleep-related disorders such as insomnia. In these studies, elderly patients exhibited patterns of improved sleep when they had their sleep medication replaced with lavender oil. All you need to do is apply the oil on your pillows and voila – your sleep will be deep and uninterrupted.

Hair Care – Lavender is perhaps one of the few essential oils known to manage lice infestation. It completely inhibits the hatching of lice eggs or other insect nits. This ensures your hair stays healthy. Further, a study that was conducted in Scotland on the effectiveness of lavender in hair care revealed that the oil can help manage hair loss and recession conditions such as alopecia.

Improves Blood Circulation – Lavender has been proven to have positive effects on our coronary circulation. The oil has, from time immemorial, been used to lower blood pressure and as a result, ensures the efficient supply of oxygen to all the vital organs. On the same breath, it promotes muscle strength, boosts brain activity and ensures the skin remains vibrant and hydrated. Still on improved blood circulation, the oil is also used for the treatment of various respiratory disorders and infections such as sinus congestion, flu, cold, cough, laryngitis, tonsillitis and bronchitis.

Treats Eczema – Eczema, or dermatitis, is a condition characterized by the swelling of the skin. Some of these inflammatory conditions, apart from acne that we have already discussed, include wrinkles and psoriasis. Lavender is known to facilitate formation of the scar tissues and as a result, helps escalate the healing process of cuts, burns, wounds and sunburns.


Evidently, lavender essential oil has immense benefits, not only to our skin but also to the overall well-being of the vital organs in our body. Feel free to check this site out for more information on this oil -

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